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newyorkmets's Journal

New York Mets
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Hi, Welcome to the Mets LJ community. This is a place for anything you want to say about the Mets.

This community was set up by me, ruudboy. I live in the UK, but I've been a Mets fan since a visit to New York in October 1999. If you have any suggestions about the community feel free to let me know. I'm sure someone with a keener sense of the Mets' history than me will have suggestions for additional interests.

Members of newyorkmets can meet up to chat online during Mets games on IRC.

The server is evek.us.utonet.org and then just join #mets

if you dont have mIRC you can join through this site: http://www.utonet.org/
To join chat, just enter your desired nick in the box to the left.
Then just type /join #Mets

Thanks to dafonz4ever's friend for this.

Off-topic adverts are completely prohibited. Occasional plugs for your Mets-related community, website or eBay listing are acceptable, but if it starts getting regular I reserve the right to slap you down A-Rod style.

If you're don't want to nail David Wright, the community you're looking for is metsfans4life.