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Rewarding Failure

 After an underperforming year, a year of bad bunting, bad fundamentals, and underperforming pitching, both Manuel and Warthen will stay on.

Offseason isn't even a day old and they've already started screwing up next year.

I root for the Mets, and anyone who plays the fucking Dodgers

Worst Met Losses of 2009.

With the 2009 season soon coming to a close, I'm trying to compile a list of the 10 worst losses the Mets have suffered this year.

So far, in chronological order only, I have the following:

1. 4/13/09 vs Padres at CitiField: Mets lose 6-5. The home opener at CitiField in which the winning run was balked in by Pedro Feliciano. Lots of "CitiField firsts" such as the first hit being a HR (a leadoff solo shot by Jody Gerut), and first save (Heath Bell).

2. 4/21/09 vs Cardinals at Busch Stadium: Mets lose 6-4. Despite the Mets taking a 4-0 lead, the team gives up 6 unanswered runs to lose the game. Daniel Murphy makes one of his many LF misplays by falling down on a Brendan Ryan line drive, leading to a triple and eventually the tiebreaking go-ahead runs. Carlos Beltran doesn't slide at home plate.

3. 5/19/09 vs Dodgers at Dodger Stadium: Mets lose 3-2 in 11 innings. The 5-error game, Ryan Church misses 3rd base, the Mets almost survive the bottom 11 until 1B Jeremy Reed throws the ball wide of catcher Ramon Castro and the Dodgers win.

4. 6/12/09 vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium: Mets lose 9-8. The Luis Castillo dropped pop-up game.

5. 6/14/09 vs Yankees at Yankee Stadium: Mets lose 15-0. Johan Santana's worst start of his career, and the offense can't touch AJ Burnett.

6. 8/7/09 vs Padres at PETCO Park: Mets lose 6-2. Frankie Rodriguez implodes in the 9th. Even with getting squeezed by the home plate ump, he serves up a walk-off grandslam to SS Everth Cabrera.

7. 8/23/09 vs Phillies at CitiField: Mets lose 9-7. Pedro's first start against the Mets is a W for him at CitiField. The Mets rally against Brad Lidge in the 9th comes to an abrupt halt when Jeff Francoeur lines into an unassisted triple play turned by 2B Eric Bruntlett.

8. 9/16/09 vs Braves at Turner Field: Mets lose 6-5. Daniel Murphy misplays two balls at 1B to the point that closer Frankie Rodriguez throws him under the bus after the game.

So, what other games should be on the list? Are there even 10?
Johan Santana, 57

Why doing nothing at the July 31 deadline was the smartest choice for the Mets.

On July 7, I wrote that the Mets 2009 season was pretty much over, as far as any chances the team had at making the postseason. And to illustrate that, I made a series of predictions as to how the team would fare over the rest of July...
I root for the Mets, and anyone who plays the fucking Dodgers

New York Mets are falling down, falling down, just like last year.

Through 75 games, the 2008 and 2009 teams went 37-38. They were 4 games behind Philly at this point last year. And the Mets mostly hovered at the .500 level all of June, often falling 3 games under .500 before the 10-game win streak in early through mid July which propelled them above .500, back into the NL East race.

So turning things around isn't impossible.

But the major difference between last year's team and this year's team through 75 games?

Carlos Delgado was a week away from the beginning of his resurgence.
Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran were healthy.
Oliver Perez was starting to improve.
John Maine was still pitching well and his ERA was under 4.
K-Mart wasn't on the team.
Neither was Argenis Reyes.
David Wright had 12 HRs.

The biggest injury problems the team had were Ryan Church, Pedro Martinez (for the 83rd time), losing Billy Wagner in early August, and the revolving door of leftfielders filling in for Moises Alou.

For all of the fans who think things will be fine and dandy when (or if) Delgado, Reyes, Beltran, etc. come back? Remember that this team went 9-12 in April. So as is the case with baseball, there's no guarantees that their returns will change the team's fortunes, but you'd certainly like to have the opportunity to try and play games with your best players, win or lose.