omarsez (omarsez) wrote in newyorkmets,

Bay Or Holliday?

So whadda you guys think?
Which of these guys is gonna be the kinda player we need to get to the next level?

I'll be honest which choo, I'm a little mixed emotions on this here decision.
I am thinking that Jason Bay, he's the kinda guy you want on your team because he's that kind of player that you want that takes things to the next level in terms of him hitting for power and also being a team kind a guy. 

But that said, I'm thinking Matt Holliday was a really premiere type of guy in colorado with the Rockies there and okay maybe he tanked in Oakland but he's still a guy that is a go to guy when you need a bat even if he did drop that ball in the lights against the dodgers which really could happen to anybody when you lose a ball in the lights.

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